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Omg! Such Trolls! I love! I am so going to do this one day!

Last one..LOL


it takes a certain type of woman to skate in louboutins’

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Delirium from Insomnia

It’s three a.m. and I’m awake,
I can’t sleep; just need to feel that bake.
Daylight come and open up the doors,
The doors that lead to activity.
Crave for the money, fame, femininity.
The mind wanders when the factory stays open,
In a loop, machine is never broken.
Sabotage is needed in order for this to end,
Shut-eye yearned for but stuck in pend.
Heaviness tugged underneath the eyes,
Bags dragging down with no surprise.
Time passes by with no progress,
Sight impaired, speech soon digress.
Directionless babbles splurging out,
This is the signal to leave about.

*footnote: I have no idea what I’m talking about. I want… no, NEED to sleep.

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